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If you are ever in Los Angeles come by and say hello. I am at The Beach Club in Santa Monica. Kindest Regards,

Whitney Werner, CEC
Executive Chef, The Beach Club
Chairman, CCAC/ACF LA Chapter
Chef of the Year 2001
President/Founder-Club Culinary
President-Les Amis d'Escoffier
Author, Teacher, Presenter
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Check out Chef Whitney on his "we are chefs" profile page to get news, twiiter, facebook, & more.

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Restaurant Basics & More

Executive Chef Whitney's You Sample Tube Clips Recipe Newsletter & Dining Guide for Club Chefs

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Check out Chef Whitney's Recipe Newsletter & Contemporary Club Dining Guide for Club Chefs


  • Chef, you will lower costs of your clubs food and beverage operations and increase the wow factor.
  • Chef, be available for members special requests, events, and putting fires.
  • Chef, transform the back and front of the house into to a 4 star restaurant inside your club. 
  • Easy to combine this info with what's working for you now, or go for the full make over.
  • Join the club chefs who are using this information now and get members and management raving. 

Here for your members to go crazy over is the best pot roast recipe in the world as known to man today. It has won gold medals in food competitions and served with good old fashioned cheese grits. It is the perfect cold weather comfort statement, perfect for the holiday season to balance your menu as duck, lamb and other upscale holiday items take over the menu! Click on the picture to the left to download this free picture recipe now!


chef_whitney_Smoke_Roasted_Lobster_ Herb_Crusted_Salmon This Smoke Roasted Lobster - Herb Crusted Salmon dish is just another example of one of the many exciting new dishes that I will be sharing to help jump-start your club/restaurant! Click on the picture to the left to download this free picture recipe now!

Would you like more of my club proven, kitchen-tested, membership-pleasing recipes? You can have my hot new recipes emailed directly to you with more You Tube Clips, full color pictures and simple directions on how to execute these West Coast specialties. My Picture Recipe Ezine is published quarterly with four or more member tested, mind blowing, west coast recipes, with full color pictures how to You Tube Clips and online support!

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The Contemporary Restaurant Guide for Clubs ©
is a compilation of the success systems I put in place at the Beach Club. When you combine it with my Picture Recipe Ezine to implement systems and spruce up your menu you will have a one-two punch that will knock out your members! Use my fast, easy, and practical systems and you will:

  • Compete with the real restaurant world.
  • Bring down members for the daily restaurant experience in addition to the club experience.
  • Increase member satisfaction and dining room usage.
  • Build a sleepy hollow club dinosaur operation into your members favorite destination restaurant. 
  • Keep your costs in line through heightened awareness by teaching and promoting from within.
  • Use my competency lists for all positions in the Food and Beverage Chain so you don't have to reinvent the wheel!
  • Copy documents onto your hard drive, customize the tasks, forms or  templates and print.
  • And at your fingertips a tool to define what each positions employees or applicants should know to adequately do the job!
  • Use my  quizzes and answer keys (for in-house training or interview tools to test an applicants knowledge.)

This simple to use and proven "Guide for Clubs" includes all the tools your food and beverage team needs to succeed. It is not a textbook to read, these are my most powerful forms, tips and side-work check lists that I have been compiling since my arrival at The Beach Club six years ago!

Get a second opinion! Call or email David Meyers Associates Ltd. The Premier Executive Chef Placement Service for Club Chefs. David has been a fan and trusted advisor from the get go.

"Today the Club industry demands a higher level of culinary expertise due to
increased member expectations. With growing competition for high-quality
culinary professionals, club managers face real challenges recruiting the top talent.
Managers need assurance they have retained the best match for their club. Securing
an ideal fit is a risk unless strategic systems and expert guidance are employed." - David Meyers

Now you can take advantage of these valuable tools too, which will help raise or enhance your position in the Club Chef industry.

I have made it easy for you to add items to lists that are special to your establishment and print.

You will have all my position competency lists for all food and beverage positions, checklists for dining room personnel training and even a crash course in basic cooking techniques that acts as the kitchen position competencies.

Picture this, say you are hiring a cook that says he is a saucier, you can give him the quick saucier quiz to see his competency level. You also have kitchen quizzes for all sections of the kitchen so you could give a test as a hiring tool for a specific job. This information makes it unnecessary to reinvent the wheel!  

You can implement my systems slowly or kick up your operation fast.  You don't have to use my whole systems to get results. When a new employee starts, you will simply print out that positionís competency/duty list, give them a brief description of your house rules (most clubs have an unspoken list of major doís and donít's) and have the new employee follow your hot shot in that position for three days.

Whether a kitchen or dining room employee, this system worked for me and I guarantee this will work for you.  As I mentioned, this is not a textbook! This is a dynamic system of the tools, practices, templates and lecture outlines that I use daily to teach my crew how to get the job done! The sooner you start my systems the sooner you can benefit.

I put these two power systems in motion because I get emails all the time from Club Culinary readers, with questions like, "We don't have your skills and background in our operation, when can you visit us?"  If I spent all my time on the road my systems would loose their edge, we both know travel is expensive and time consuming. So I have thought hard about a way to get this information into your hands, and this is what I came up. It just happens to saves us both time and money!

As you know I am improving, refining and updating these systems constantly, and you will have all the updates for the year! The Internet has made this possible. You will also have access to my development and operations forums where you can post questions and we can all share solutions. As a forum moderator I will personally respond to your unique needs and any questions you may have. Plus, you will have the resources and knowledge of our entire base of subscribers with a simple click, on your schedule, from any Internet connected computer, 24/7/365!

Check out the Table of Contents:Packed with information, and when you subscribe you will receive updates.

I am so confident that you will gain by using my best practices, thinking and profit generators that if you are not getting results I will work with you personally until you do!*  Often a simple 20 minute phone conversation will lead us to a solution that will get you results!  

You realize I can't give this away for free because it costs money to set up and maintain this Internet distribution channel, but I sincerely believe that the price point of $399 dollars makes this a no brainer! You also know that I can save you money with processing if you order both at once. Order the Picture Recipe Ezine ($199 per year) and the Contemporary Club Dining Guide ($399 per year) and I can take $100 dollars off.

Now you can own my dynamic dual systems. Own my You Tube & Picture Recipe Ezine and the Contemporary Dining "Guide for Clubs" for $499 total. This includes full updates of both and access to the forums. Separately the price is $199 for my Ezine for one year and $499 for my Dining Guide, order both and I can save you $100!

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The Contemporary Restaurant Guide for Clubs. $399(Guide Only)
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If you are still considering the cost vs. benefit value, check out my qualifications in my bio below. My systems are not rocket science, they come from the dues I have paid and my own years of experience! I have taken all my best practices and poured them into this guide for you to use. If this sounds like a hard sell it is not, it is just that I am super energized because I can see potential every time I answer an email or take a call. I know this is the best way to make it happen. We have more in common than you may think. We all have very similar challenges. This will work for you. You will have all my systems, we can share the success and knowledge.

I toast to your success in the new year and I look forward to working with you..  These forums will be open to all of us to seek and share information. Both Gregg Patterson, my general manager here at the The Beach Club in Santa Monica, and myself available for direct questions.

I know you are busy, thank you for taking a moment to review this information.


Chef Whitney Werner. 

Whitney Werner, CEC
Executive Chef, The Beach Club
Past President Los Angeles Chapter
Chef of the Year 2001
President/Founder-Club Culinary
President-Les Amis d'Escoffier
CRA Board Member
Boardroom Mag. Contributor


P.S. I have dedicated my life to the hospitality and culinary field. No doubt by now you know I am very passionate about it, I am also successful and fortunate to be doing what I love and live for. I am trying to give something back now but my time is limited. The Picture Recipe Ezine, The Contemporary Guide and the Interactive forums are the most efficient, easy and inexpensive way I could think of to share this information with you!

Here are is a sampling of articles I wrote for Boardroom Magazine - Scroll down to check out my bio.

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American Culinary Federation Los Angeles President and Club Culinary President & Cofounder-Executive Chef Whitney Werner, CEC started working in  in restaurant kitchens from the age of fifteen. Chef  Werner brings thirty years of experience to Club Culinary and the American Culinary Federation Los Angeles.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York, in 1984, Chef Whitney started in pastry as part of the opening team of the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. He moved through the ranks of the kitchen working for top establishments such as Tavern on the Green, New York City, Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills and various Hilton Hotels nationwide. In addition, Chef Whitney brings us experience from the Far East, where he worked with established hotels such as the Ambassador Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, updating menus with current culinary trends.

Shortly after his return from the Far East, Chef Whitney was awarded four stars for his French-Russian cuisine at Le Bel Age Hotel in Hollywood, California. Thereafter, Chef Whitney opened his own restaurant, Whitney's,  on the famous restaurant row of Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California. Chef Whitney enjoyed many successful years of high profile celebrity clientele that gave him the reputation on the West Coast, which he is still known for today.

After traveling the world and reaching his ultimate goal, Chef Whitney wanted to give back to the culinary field. He joined the American Culinary Federation and took a position as chef instructor at the Los Angeles Culinary Institute with Certified Master Chef Raimund Hofmeister to be involved with the development of the new crop of young chefs.

Having grown up in Santa Monica, Chef Whitney could not resist the offer as executive chef at The Beach Club in Santa Monica, the oldest and most prestigious club on the shores of Southern California.

Now, after branding the dining room Whitney's and enjoying the ninth record-breaking year at The Beach Club, the culinary culture of west coast clubs has been changed forever. Chef Whitney has been speaking throughout the country to provide private clubs the insight to revitalize their restaurants and compete with outside competition. Chef Whitney has also given seminars at the Club Managers Association world conferences and aspires to further his certification to certified master chef. 


If you are ever in Los Angeles come by and say hello. I am at The Beach Club in Santa Monica.

Kindest Regards,

Whitney Werner, CEC
Executive Chef, The Beach Club
Chairman, CCAC/ACF LA Chapter
Chef of the Year 2001
President/Founder-Club Culinary
President-Les Amis d'Escoffier
Author, Teacher, Presenter
Email: Chef whitney (Site Update in Progress) (Site update in progress) ,

*Within reason and to the best of my ability.


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